Manual Pediatric Wheelchairs


Reclaim Your Mobility
With Manual Wheelchairs

Available With Built-In Growth For Pediatric Users.

Offering versatility, functionality and maneuverability, manual wheelchairs come in a variety of options specifically designed for children to use. Available in lightweight, standard, ultra-light and transport models, these life-enhancing wheelchairs deliver independence and mobility back into a child’s life. Plus, many of these wheelchairs feature the ability to re-size, granting flexibility to account for a child’s growing body.

Rehab Equipment Professionals is proud to offer a variety of manual pediatric wheelchairs to assist with accessibility for young people. Browse our selection below or stop by our store in Alexandria, VA, to see our fantastic offering for yourself. We are proud to offer major brands like Sunrise Medical, Permobil, Invacare, Drive, and more!

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Our Most Popular Manual Wheelchairs


The Zippie® Iris®

Designed specifically for children, this cutting-edge wheelchair features rotation-in-space technology unlike anything on the market. With a superior combination of positioning, maneuverability, and increased portability, you’ll enjoy a wheelchair that’s build with users in mind.

                                                             The Zippie® TS


As the original tilt-in-space wheelchair for pediatric use, this premier model is available in two distinct configurations. Choose a folding frame for added portability or a rigid frame for extra stability. Plus, with built-in growth, these models feature the widest array of options in the tilt-in-space market.

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