Electric Patient Lifts


Go Electric for Absolute Ease at Home.

Electric patient lifts take the strain and risk of accident out of transferring someone with limited mobility. Whether you're transferring an elderly relative or injured loved one, electric portable lifts are specially designed to carry and move a patient from bed to chair, toilet, bath, and more, and vice-versa.

No matter your patient or loved one's range of mobility, electric lifts are your solution for simple, low-risk transporting. We offer a full range of services for Patient lifts, from sales to repairs. Learn more about our electric lifts below, call us at (703) 370-2100, or stop in to discover the right lift today!

Benefits of Using an Electric Lift:

  • Less anxiety for person being lifted.
  • Smooth, comfortable transportation.
  • Easy to use and manage so caregivers can concentrate on their patients, not machine maintenance.
  • Reduces chance of injury.
  • High-torque electric motors are capable of lifting weights from 450 - 1000 lbs.

Joerns Hoyer Advance

Joerns lifts are lightweight, smart and robust. Each model is compact, yet able to perform a wide range of movements with a durable aluminum frame. Each model can lift up to 340 lbs. from low heights, like the floor, to high beds.


Viking L Mobile

Viking L Mobile lifts can handle up to 550 lbs. despite its low weight. Its intelligent diagnostic system alerts caregivers when the lift is ready for use and when it needs service. Enjoy both hand and panel control for easy operation.


Molift Smart 150

The Molift is designed to be easily wheeled, transported, and folded for easy storage. Lift from floor-height all the way to tall chairs and beds. 4-point suspension ensures comfortable, spacious hoisting and the entire lift is designed for both homecare and travelling.

RehabEquipmentProfessionals-Ceiling Lift hoisting a man from bed

Ceiling Lifts

If you’ve been considering investing in a ceiling lift for your home, Rehab Equipment Professionals is here to help. It can be challenging to figure out what type of ceiling lift will be best for your home and your loved one. Let’s start with the basics. A ceiling lift is a motorized device that lifts and transfers a person from one place to another. It incorporates a sling for the person that’s being transferred. You’ll often see these devices in hospitals, but they’re also available for home installation. Ceiling lifts make it possible for your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home. It also largely reduces the strain on caregivers since the patient can be moved safely and easily from the bedroom to the bathroom and other locations in the house.

The two main types of ceiling lifts are fixed and portable options. The fixed model is permanently installed and utilizes a track system that’s mounted on the ceiling. This allows the ceiling lift to run along the track during the process of transferring the patient. This option provides superior versatility with movement in two different directions. A portable model, on the other hand, comes with a free-standing track system that needs to be set up and can be taken down after each use. This is the ideal option if you’ll need to take your device with you.

No matter which option you choose, you can feel confident that your loved one will be safely and comfortably transferred with the use of a ceiling lift. If you’d like more information or to browse our inventory, stop by Rehab Equipment Professionals. We’re located in Alexandria, VA.

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