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Chill Out Chair in Alexandria, VA

Chill-Out Chairs

It goes without saying that your child’s comfort and support are a top priority, which is why you should consider Chill-Out Chairs. Not only do these chairs promote maximum comfort and support for your child’s therapeutic and behavioral needs but they are also quite stylish! Your child can choose a Chill-Out Chair in their favorite color. These chairs are designed with a combination of high-grade foams, including the patented deep “V” foam design that provides a light but comfortable pressure. Your child will feel the sensation of a light, cocooning hug that allows the body to relax so there’s no need for straps or harnesses here.

We know how important it is that your child’s products are sanitary. Chill-Out chairs have been designed with Crypton™ antibacterial fabrics and Medbloc Liner to protect the integrity of the foam, which makes cleaning time simple and fast. In addition, your child can easily kick his or her feet up with the multi-purpose ottoman. What’s more, the Chill-Out Chair can even be enjoyed outdoors with the new outdoor accessories and fabrics.

Rehab Equipment Professionals in Alexandria, VA has got an impressive selection of Chill-Out Chairs that your child will love. Stop by today and one of our friendly team members would be glad to help you find the perfect fit.

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